A Generation of DREAM

Over the past 30 years, DREAM has grown from a scrappy little league on a vacant lot to a charter school network that serves thousands of PreK-12 students throughout East Harlem and the South Bronx. When you’ve been around that long, something special starts to happen. The neighborhood kids who once ran the bases on that lot become leaders out in the community and the world. They come back to DREAM as teachers, administrators, and board members. They send their own little ones to our schools.

That generational impact is one of the great gifts of this work. And it’s one of the things that sets DREAM apart. But it goes beyond the fields and the classrooms; it’s passing down something better to each new generation. That’s what DREAM is doing every day—growing, evolving, and investing deeply in the future of our communities.

The long game isn’t quick or easy. But our communities are worth it. And we’re just getting started.

Richard BerlinRichard BerlinCo-CEO
Eve ColavitoEve ColavitoCo-CEO

DREAM’s Footprint Today

With six extended-day, extended-year public charter schools (and growing), DREAM is making deep, long-term investments in the communities we serve. From East Harlem to Mott Haven to our newest location in Highbridge, our commitment remains the same—creating a future where all children are equipped to fulfill their vision of success.

Our Community & Impact

Who We Serve

Students of color
Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch
Students with identified special needs (compared to NYC’s average of 20%)
Alumni who are first-generation college students
Our Outcomes
0%of students graduating from DREAM Charter High School
0%of students who applied were accepted to college
0%of families say their child is learning what they need to succeed in college and beyond

All Kids Can: Student Achievement

DREAM students made significant progress on the multi-year journey to address pandemic learning loss, outperforming the vast majority of their charter, New York City, and New York State peers in the 2021-2022 school year.

K-2DREAM students in grades K-2 outperformed 95% of schools in the Charter School Growth Fund’s national portfolio of over 150 charter organizations.
3-8In grades 3-8, DREAM students made gains that outpaced their peers in NYC and NYS public schools. Students in grades 6-8 increased their percent proficiency from 2021 by +13% in ELA and +26% in Math.

Comparison to NYC & NYS Results

Compared to NYC, DREAM students’ proficiency grew +3% in ELA and +11% in Math in 2022. Compared to NYS, DREAM’s proficiency was +6% in ELA and + 10% in Math. Proficiency rates were significantly higher for populations that most closely mirror DREAM’s community.

2022 ELA Proficiency
BlackHispanicEconomicallyDisadvantagedStudents w IEPsEnglishLanguageLearners20%40%60%80%100%
2022 Math Proficiency
BlackHispanicEconomicallyDisadvantagedStudents w IEPsEnglishLanguageLearners20%40%60%80%100%

The DREAM Way: Our Model

By combining all that we’ve learned over three decades of community and school-based work, we’ve defined the elements of our Grow the Whole Child model that drive impact and transformative change for youth.

  • Rigorous Academics“It’s not a surprise to me that this year was a strong year for DREAM’s schools. We set the tone that, even though there are reasons why we may want to lower the bar, we really need to teach to a high level. And we believed that every kid is capable if every adult is capable. Every adult is responsible for driving results, and making sure kids are learning.”Elizabeth Dodge, DREAM East Harlem Middle School Principal
  • Social-Emotional Learning“Attending a school like DREAM has opened my mind and heart up to the power of being vulnerable. I have learned how to express compassion toward others, as well as how to express it toward myself. I have learned what it means for us to be the future; we have an unimaginable amount of potential to change the world around us.”Cynethia Lancaster, DREAM Charter High School Class of 2022
  • Family & Community Engagement“My autistic son is 10 years old and was treated so bad at his last school. He has sensory processing and social disorder...He is afraid of any male figure who is not his dad, but when we went to the Mott Haven Open House, the sixth grade math teacher saw my son was alone and afraid, and he went up to him and helped him feel comfortable. Fast forward to summer, he made three friends, connected with coaches, and now can’t wait for the first day of school.”New DREAM New Mott Haven Middle School Parent
  • Athletics, Health, & Wellness“DREAM is dreaming big about what mental health support can look like when it’s embedded into the fabric of a school system. Because DREAM has developed the Grow the Whole Child model, we are quickly recognizing how important mental health is to our students’ development and long-term personal and professional success.”Kalila Hoggard, Managing Director of Programs

DREAM Maxims

From our classrooms to our ballfields, DREAM’s maxims amplify the values that have guided us since 1991 and will carry us into the future.

All Kids Can. This Kid Can.

In a seminal “first” for DREAM Charter Schools, the organization has partnered with the Rochester Institute of Technology to send nine DREAM Charter High School students to the university as a supported cohort, receiving not only full financial assistance, but also the academic, social, and personal support they need to thrive and graduate.

In partnering with RIT, DREAM’s preexisting post-secondary supports are enhanced for the nine cohort students, reinforcing DREAM’s emphasis on not only college access, but also college persistence. The cohort has dedicated advisors and program coordinators from both the university and the DREAM Legends Fellows program. They also attended a summer bridge program—a chance for them to get their feet wet with college coursework and get used to living on campus. The cohort is spending its first year of college in RIT’s School of Individualized Study, where they can use a STEM-focused curriculum to hone in on what they’d like their degree focus to be. What’s more, each student has received a full scholarship for each year at RIT, backed by generous funding from RIT, DREAM, and DREAM Board member Don Truesdale.

Dream is Family

This fall, DREAM celebrated the opening of our newest campus in the Bronx, DREAM Highbridge Elementary School—the sixth of our extended-day, extended-year charter schools and our first dedicated to the Highbridge neighborhood. The launch of this school is a testament to DREAM’s commitment to intentional, sustainable expansion, rooted in listening to what our community needs. HBES builds on the programming that DREAM piloted in the Highbridge community last summer, deepening our ties with the students and families that HBES serves.

Founding Principal Shannel Richardson came up through DREAM’s Principal-in-Residence program, one of our pipelines for developing leaders from our communities. While developing how she would establish a strong school culture, Richardson knew that HBES would be modeled on the decades-old belief that DREAM is Family. “I’m mostly looking forward to establishing a school where we can support all kids,” she said. “It’s extremely important to me, especially as someone who grew up in the Bronx and faced inequalities myself, that we provide a school where students are able to learn, thrive, grow, and become self-advocates.”

Teamwork makes the DREAM work

2022 marked the second year NYU Professor Steven Hahn lectured at DREAM Charter High School, the result of a unique partnership formed with the school’s Principal Brandon Taylor. After bonding over their shared love of history education last year, the pair began to ideate on how they could combine forces—specifically how they could more tightly connect secondary education to the post-secondary environment. The result was two courses—the first focused on America’s Reconstruction period, and the second on the Great Migration from America’s southern states. Both Hahn and Taylor saw these courses as an opportunity to expose DCHS students to the college-level thinking they’d be doing after high school.

The connection with Hahn, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, created an opportunity for students to experience what college-level study entails, and showed them that door is open to them. “The beautiful moments were the times Professor Hahn could stay after and kids could ask questions,” said Taylor. “The kids were able to ask unique and dynamic questions that related to their experience and their history. They benefited from seeing they can engage with a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor one-on-one.”

fun is a Serious Value

This past spring, students welcomed Olympic gold medal gymnast Laurie Hernandez and Hamilton actress Krystal Joy Brown to DREAM East Harlem for an exciting all-school gathering. Hernandez and Brown surprised students as part of a series facilitated by longtime partner KPMG, who had been organizing virtual field trips throughout the pandemic as a way to continue engaging children; creating an in-person experience for DREAM students moved the field trips off the screen and into real life once again. “Being here at DREAM with KPMG means a lot to me,” said Hernandez. “I see this as supporting the students and their creativity.”

During the day, Hernandez and Brown led students in movement and improv exercises, while discussing the physical and mental fitness they need to thrive in their work. Asked about her favorite line from her role as Hamilton’s Eliza, Brown also showed off her singing prowess by serenading students with “That Would Be Enough,” from the hit Broadway show. “Being a theater person, I just love connecting face-to-face,” said Brown. “We’ve spent so much time having to be isolated, and I love meeting these brilliant young minds.”

Fail. Persist. Exceed.

For so many educators and parents, the past two years of pandemic-era learning felt like a long loop of fail and persist. At DREAM, we worked hard to keep our community safe, healthy, and engaged—and in many ways, we pushed ourselves from surviving to thriving. But the 2022-23 school year provided us with one of our biggest opportunities yet to shift ourselves and our students into exceed mode.

One way we’re turning that corner? DREAM recently invested in a curriculum overhaul, shifting our core literacy approach to align with the Science of Reading—an approach that teaches phonics and phonemic awareness, is rooted in brain science, and is becoming the national standard for literacy. DREAM began implementing this change during our 2022 summer programming, and our results pointed to early success, including a 12% increase in the number of students scoring basic or proficient in ELA. DREAM believes this early data is strong evidence that fully implementing the Science of Reading will lead to positive results during the school year—a school year that, coupled with summer and afterschool programming, is a critical juncture for addressing pandemic learning loss and accelerating student achievement and literacy.


This past fall, DREAM welcomed several familiar faces into its classrooms—our inaugural Teaching Fellows, selected as part of a new initiative to kickstart the teaching careers of DREAM alumni and longtime part-time staff members. This first-of-its-kind cohort includes Kim Crawford, Nicholas Feliz, Brandon Gordon, Jenia Reyes, and Matthew Sierra.

A 12-month, full-time paid position, the DREAM Teaching Fellowship builds on our intergenerational investment in the communities we serve and expands pathways to success for those already a part of the DREAM family. Supported by a generous scholarship from DREAM, Teaching Fellows work toward earning New York State teaching certification, as well as a master’s degree in teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. They also work in a DREAM classroom under the guidance of a mentor teacher, while participating in a cohort experience to support and propel their growth. Teaching Fellows receive regular feedback and coaching, all while building the skills necessary to manage a classroom, lead instruction, and meaningfully engage students and families. What’s more, they become familiar role models our students can continue to look to for inspiration.

Becoming Legendary

2022 marked the graduation of DREAM Charter High School’s second 12th grade class—a group of students who forged their own paths, during unprecedented times, on their way to starting the next chapters of their lives as DREAM Legends.

Alumni Spotlight

2022 ushered in the launch of the DREAM Alumni Council, a new leadership board that centers the alumni voice in DREAM’s strategic decisions and works to engage the organization’s alumni network, which now spans three decades.

As DREAM moves into the next generation of its work, the organization plans to triple the number of youth it serves annually, while graduating 100 students into its alumni population each year. The creation of the Alumni Council helps to ensure both current and future alumni feel connected to the organization as it continues this growth.

Judicial law clerk Jaylen Amaker ’11 and Asphalt Green Community Programs Manager Maria Gerena ’04 were chosen as the Council’s inaugural co-chairs. The pair also participate as Alumni Council representatives on DREAM’s Board of Directors.

“The future of the organization is going to come from within,” said Amaker. “The goal is for more of us to be on these boards. Our combination of ideas, understanding, and perspective will be what gets us to that next level. And that will bring it full circle.”

Our Financials

DREAM 5-Year Financial Analysis

School and Community Programs Combined
IncomeExpenseNet Assets

DREAM FY2022 Income & Expense

School and Community Programs Combined
DOE Per Pupil53.7%Private Grants11.3%Public Grants20.1%General Contributions8.9%Other Income6%
Expense $44.9M
Functional Program Expenses Excluding Capital75.8%Administration21.8%Fundraising2.4%

Supporter Spotlight: Bank of America

As the founding underwriter of DREAM’s Upward Pathways program, longtime partner Bank of America committed $1 million toward helping our youth access upwardly mobile, self-sustaining careers—no matter what their pathway after high school. Choosing a straight-to-career path, DREAM Legends Fellow Miracle Morales ’18 is one of the first participants in the program, earning a spot as a paid Bank of America summer apprentice this year.

For nine weeks, Miracle worked as a digital ambassador at a Bank of America location in Midtown, receiving intensive, first-hand training. When the apprenticeship ended, she applied for a full-time role, and her Bank of America manager mentored her through the interview process, helping her secure an official job offer. Now training to be a relationship banker, Miracle assists clients with opening accounts, makes loan referrals, works in the teller line, and more—continuing her growth at Bank of America.

When I was offered the apprenticeship, I asked myself ‘What am I doing?’ I thought, ‘I’m just a brown girl. Will I fit in? Is that a community for me?’ I had no clue. Then actually doing it, I noticed that Bank of America isn’t just for other people—it’s also for me. It’s for the people in my neighborhood.”

– Miracle Morales ’18, Bank of America Relationship Banker
Miracle Morales '18, Bank of America

Our Supporters

Your support means the world to us.

This list reflects general operating support from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • David and Allison Blitzer
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • The Charles Hayden Foundation
  • The Daneker Family
  • Michele and David Joerg
  • Bobby and Jill Le Blanc
  • Major League Baseball
  • Donald R. Mullen Jr. and Amanda M. Mullen
  • Tom and Marina Purcell
  • Robin Hood
  • Vik and Margarita Sawhney
  • The Seadream Family Foundation
  • Select Equity Group Foundation
  • Walton Family Foundation

  • Alkeon Capital Management
  • Altman Foundation
  • Karim Assef
  • Martha Berlin
  • The Blackstone Charitable Foundation
  • Charter School Growth Fund
  • The Clark Foundation
  • Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
  • Ashish and Sweta Doshi
  • Four Through Nine Foundation
  • Gray Foundation
  • Hope R. Fischer Revocable Trust
  • The Joseph H. Flom Foundation
  • Katz Family Foundation
  • S. Katzman Produce
  • Madruga Family Foundation
  • Colbert and Dierdre Narcisse
  • The Rosh Family
  • The Samberg Family
  • Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
  • The Sobotka Family
  • Theodore J. Forstmann Charitable Trust
  • Tiger Global Management LLC
  • The Truesdale Family
  • The William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust

  • Barclays
  • Frances L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund
  • Grubb Management LLC
  • Kirkland & Ellis LLP
  • Balachandra and Mutka Kuchinad
  • Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Maverick Capital Foundation
  • Alden and Jane Millard
  • Nike, Inc
  • PwC
  • Jamie Stecher and Becky Diamond
  • Theodore Luce Charitable Trust

  • Anonymous
  • A.J. and Roswitha Agarwal
  • Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation
  • Citi
  • James Clark and Kate Murphy
  • Costas Family Foundation
  • Credit Suisse
  • Jennifer Dalven and Gary Swidler
  • Michael Del Giudice
  • Deloitte
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Ellen & Ronald Block Family Foundation
  • EY
  • George Link, Jr. Foundation
  • HSBC Securities Inc.
  • King & Spalding
  • Christopher and Kathryn Leonard
  • Lowenstein Sandler LLP
  • Kirk McKeown and Marjorie Cass
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Morgan Stanley Foundation
  • Michael Nash
  • Nomura Securities International
  • Potamkin Family
  • RBC Foundation USA
  • Alan Schwartz and Nancy Seaman
  • SMBC
  • Nick and Alexandra Thorne
  • Diana Weiss and Erich Stegich
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wilf Family Foundations
  • WilmerHale
  • Zeldin Family Foundation

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Bazooka Candy Brands
  • BBR Partners
  • Lear and Anne Beyer
  • Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Chase and Stephanie Coleman
  • Con Edison
  • Jason and Rhonda DeLand
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
  • The Fraser Family
  • Tom and Giselle Fraser
  • Jon and Mindy Gray
  • Jean & Louis Dreyfus Foundation
  • Erin and Brian Kelly
  • Anthony and Cynthia Kim
  • Vilas and Allison Kuchinad
  • Zach Levitt
  • LinkLaters LLP
  • Marguerite Casey Foundation
  • Marvin Samson Foundation
  • Nazar and Jennifer Massouh
  • The Modlin Group
  • MUFG
  • Mutual of America Foundation
  • The New York Yankees
  • The O’Rourke Family Fund
  • Orion Energy Partners
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  • The Pinkerton Foundation
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  • Kevin and Amanda Widmaier
  • Steven Zacharius

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  • The Berlin Wittenstein Family
  • Brookfield Properties
  • James J. Capra Jr. and Linda E. Ransom
  • Eric and Tessa Childs
  • Moira Cray and John Bambury
  • Omar Eissa
  • Empire State Realty Trust
  • Joan Fallon
  • Michael Fife
  • Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
  • Jeffrey and Paula Gural
  • Michael Hollander
  • Charles Howe
  • The Joelson Foundation
  • The Klein Group LLC
  • Brian and Beth Levine
  • Michael Levine
  • Lion Tree
  • The New Yorker
  • Nicholas Val Napolitano Memorial Fund
  • ONEX
  • Outfront Media
  • Michael Pauze
  • Perkins Eastman
  • Guy and Mehren Potvin
  • Anne Spychala Family Charitable Foundation
  • Emily Stecher and Stephen Rosenthal
  • STS Foundation
  • Maggie and Donald Swift
  • Ben Vonwiller and Anna Skotko
  • Winged Keel

  • Anonymous (15)
  • Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation
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  • Henry Belber
  • Stephen H. Belber
  • Richard and Kara Berlin
  • BlackRidge Ventures
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  • The Katz Family Foundation
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  • Meshnick Charitable Family Foundation
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  • Michael and Katherine Modena
  • Morrison & Foerster
  • National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  • Liz Neumark
  • New York Life
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  • Nitorum Capital, L.P.
  • The Olshan Family
  • Chauncey Parker and Alexa Lambert Parker
  • Jamin Pastore
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  • Penguin Random House
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  • Bazooka Candy Brands
  • David and Allison Blitzer
  • Brendan Boylan
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Core PIlates NYC
  • The Craft Studio
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Joan Fallon
  • Adam and Caren Fisher
  • Fried Frank
  • Aaron Goldfarb
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Harlem Chocolate Factory
  • Jazz at Lincoln Center
  • The Katz Family Foundation
  • Kids In Sports
  • The New York Yankees
  • Nandan Patel
  • Pizza School NYC
  • Christine Pride
  • Proskauer
  • Quip
  • Rachael Ray Show
  • The Rosh Family
  • Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
  • Sleep No More
  • Sloomoo Institute
  • Sojo Spa
  • The Truesdale Family
  • Ugg Australia
  • Ron Werth

A Generation of Stories

Hear directly from the DREAM Family on how our investment in the youth of our communities has made a difference.

Jason Medina, DREAM Legend

“DREAM does something different. They’ve brought change, and they’ve stuck with that change.”

Khloe, DREAM Charter School Student

“I love to go to DREAM Charter School because you can make new friends and learn new things.”

Marielena Fernandez, DREAM Legend & Youth Development Specialist

“DREAM is a place of opportunity; a place where children and their families alike can envision a future.”

Katie Colón, DREAM Parent and Programs Manager

“DREAM doesn’t feel like a school as much as a part of our journey as parents and my child’s journey as a young person.”

Angel Perez, former DREAM Coach

“DREAM alumni and students are on a global platform and are making changes in this world.”

Jared Francis, DREAM Managing Director of High School & Leadership Development

“DREAM is going to be with our graduates as they go to college and start their careers, and I’m so excited to see what they’re going to do.”